Sound, Words and Your Health Part 2 of “The Body’s Symphony of Sound and Vibration” by Patricia Spadaro

Fantastic concepts in this read.


From “Sound, Words
and Your Health”

“Although best known for his stunning cymatic images, Dr. Jenny was also an artist and musician as well as a philosopher, historian and physical scientist. Perhaps most important, he was a serious student of nature’s ways with keen powers of observation.

“Whether it was the cycle of the seasons, a bird’s feathers, a rain drop, the formation of weather patterns, mountains or ocean waves—or even poetry, the periodic table, music or social systems—Dr. Jenny saw an underlying, unifying theme: wave patterns, produced by vibration.”

We Love Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Founded 10-3-1887

How awesome is it when you find baby Michael Jackson performing the at Oscar’s? Listening to this song, we must recognize the legal ability to educate at Florida A&M University, established on October 3, 1887. Opening the door for prestigious Education of “Colored” people in Florida, given a time where doors were literally NOT ACCEPTING of people of “Color” to receive Higher Prestigious Education. Since then, the University has opened and charted the waters for groundbreaking global research, others may now follow. We are so proud of this community.  The term, colored has since developed to Black, African -American, and now we are using Melanated. Whatever the universal classification of people of Melanated skin, we are very proud of the positive, research-based, unique history of this Institution. As Michael Jackson, the child would sing, “You have a Friend in” us. -AKAM