Old Tape on Whiteboard that won’t budge? No Problem

This one is for my classroom educators and anyone else that uses a whiteboard.

I had tape that just would not budge until I finally took some time to figure out how to attack it.

You want to first:

  • Spray your board with WD-40 and let it sit for 24 hours.


    Google Images

Most of your tape and residue should come right off, easily.

I used the straw, but the Trigger Pro nozzle should be easier, if and only if you can conveniently locate it at the grocery store or on your routine errands.

After you finish with tape removal. Your board will be greasy.

Now it is time for good wash. Use your favorite cleaning product and then give it a good scrub with a Brillo pad, to remove any stubborn residue.

  • Wet your Brillo pad and scrub your board.


brillo pad

Finally, take your favorite drying towel and wipe it back to dry natural clean whiteboard health.

Related image

Happy Cleaning AKAMites

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